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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Recycle It- Draw It

Homemade Weekday Organizing Dry-Erase Board
I was going to buy one for $16 but then I thought about old janky whiteboard I had and decided to re-vamp it by taking some black electrical take cut in half length-wise to make the cells and writing the days of the week in sharpie along with a little box for the date. 
Too bad I came up with this organized system days before the last day of classes.

This was a drawing I did of a sideways tree...just kidding.  I tried to rotate it but it didn't transfer. Boo.
Very simple, I came up with this idea this summer I think.  It was much smaller though I love how it turned out with the large profile.  It's about 12X19.  I made 2 others as well but I already turned them in for my Independent Drawing credit.

I call these crayon bottle caps.  I got the idea from a valentines idea where you melt crayolas in small heart shaped pans and you attach them to cards with some witty thing about the world because when you use the right crayons...or follow the directions they come out looking like planet earth in different colors.
Some of them turned out way different, but I thought this one was cool because you can still see the shape of they crayon...however...

This side didn't melt all the way.  Oh well...some did some didn't.  I call them bottle caps because I used an aluminum cupcake pan, the toss away kind that I was planning to recycle and then I remembered my crayons!  The sinchedness in the pans made the sides look like a bottle cap!