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What one wants to prove is not an act of faith.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Watercolors, Walls, and What???

A card I did up for a 50th wedding anniversary some friends from church had. 

A commissioned work done for a friends birthday.

My closet and it's hidden glory!  I don't have doors to my closet because I took them out and put up hand sewn drapes.  Some day I'll cover the whole thing with chevron...but I have to be bored first.

This is just a funny tree I took a photo of.  What do you see?  I see someone who did a hand stand but she did it in sinking sand!  AHHH!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Pee-Pee Tipi!
I sowed these up for soon to be born baby Caleb!
When changing the little guys diaper you just place it over his wee-wee to prevent an embarasing face full of pee!
70s inspired marker and pen drawing.
It's just my style integrating small lines and details whilst adding color to make it complete!

Tissue Paper Ghosts!
It's not October yet, but it's close enough.
Plus, I have tons of tissue paper that I gathered up from Heather's baby shower gifts.
You win win some more.

Mod Podged Tissue Glass
I used that lovely tissue paper again on a plain rectangular glass vase.
I saw the idea online as well as tons of others that I hope to be able to complete.
It'll look wonderful in my dark green bathroom!!!

Tissue Pom-Poms
I used all kind of different blue pieces and made 3 different balls.
After I accourdian folded the pieces I cut the ends of them differently so they weren't all the same!
The blue is good to use during the winter season hung from the cealing...away from the cats.
I've also been thinking about using it for decorations for when the baby comes!
Can't wait!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Recycle It- Draw It

Homemade Weekday Organizing Dry-Erase Board
I was going to buy one for $16 but then I thought about old janky whiteboard I had and decided to re-vamp it by taking some black electrical take cut in half length-wise to make the cells and writing the days of the week in sharpie along with a little box for the date. 
Too bad I came up with this organized system days before the last day of classes.

This was a drawing I did of a sideways tree...just kidding.  I tried to rotate it but it didn't transfer. Boo.
Very simple, I came up with this idea this summer I think.  It was much smaller though I love how it turned out with the large profile.  It's about 12X19.  I made 2 others as well but I already turned them in for my Independent Drawing credit.

I call these crayon bottle caps.  I got the idea from a valentines idea where you melt crayolas in small heart shaped pans and you attach them to cards with some witty thing about the world because when you use the right crayons...or follow the directions they come out looking like planet earth in different colors.
Some of them turned out way different, but I thought this one was cool because you can still see the shape of they crayon...however...

This side didn't melt all the way.  Oh well...some did some didn't.  I call them bottle caps because I used an aluminum cupcake pan, the toss away kind that I was planning to recycle and then I remembered my crayons!  The sinchedness in the pans made the sides look like a bottle cap!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


"LOST MAPLES" I received an award for this painting from Texas Lutheran and it will be in their permanent collection.

I made prints for my graduation party invitations, so here is one!

"FRONT YARD" a painting I did of my front yard...with some adjustments of course

CHRISTMAS CACTUS- a painting I did upon request from my Granny Pat.  I hope she likes it!

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Painting and A Pillow

Here's that still life I did. I enjoy the fact that when I put in the highlights of the glass they seem more real.  I photo of the painting doesn't do the fabric justice because it's really more green than grey and there's an orange tint to it.

Another pillow case I made, this time with little yellow flowers!  I'm not sure if I want to keep making pillow cases or start something totally different.  We'll see! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Brandt and I made these plates some time after Christmas.  I got spray paint as a gift and it's just what I needed to vamp up some clear plates purchased at Goodwill.  I was so pleased by their outcome that I purchased more plates and even a glass cutting board!

Heather gave me this piece of furniture for Christmas.  I asked for mainly craft supplies and also things to refurbish.  This piece originally had plain white knobs with exposed screws and it was all the color of the feet.  Brandt helped me sand down practically every inch of the thing while I rubbed it down with a red stain.  I got the new knobs from Hobby Lobby hoping that the color would go well and what goes better with a red stain than red striped knobs?  I have been contemplating painting red and white stripes on the feet!

This is a still life that I set up all by myself.  I must admit that my professor was there to help out a lot.  I shall post the painting some time because the colors are much different than what you see.  I went with an orange and green concept.

Here's the inventory I have (minus the "Ash" mugs) from the end of last semester.  I enjoy making pottery!  Good thing I'm in Ceramics III!

This is my bedroom in my apartment in Seguin.  It's still lacking in the wall areas, but I haven't figured out how to get the painted panels up to spice up the color.

Here's the living room with Brandt's and my MOM AND POP chairs.  The rug makes everything come together!

Our kitchen is quite colorful if you think about it.  A blue skillet, orange tea kettle, red oven mitts, green rugs, and off the the left is a violet pot holding a plant.  It's not really a pot...but I can't think of any other word to call it!  AND! Did you know that a great way to finish off a room is by adding pictures to the walls???  I tore out a bunch of silly pictures of models from my Vogue magazines and they added the perfect touch to making the apartment seem more homier!

I just started and finished this pillow case this evening.  I basically just referenced a pillow case my Grandma made for my little pillow, adjusted the size a bit and sewed away!  My friend Marta was over while I did it so it wasn't boring...but then she left before I was done and that's when I wanted it to be done already!  So funny :)  I bought a stack of fabric pieces from hobby lobby so I can make 4 more if my heart desires.  Every child needs a little pillow.  It's so practical...especially when you grow out of carrying stuffed animals onto air planes you can still get away with carrying a little pillow around with you!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yarn Tree!

I made this for Heather as a Christmas gift.  She loved it!  And so does everyone else :)
I took the picture with my phone in the living room so it's kind of a dull photo. 
The background is bright orange and the yarn is a tri-brown colored.  Does that make sense? Sure it does!!!