You may believe what you want to believe, as long as you are happy!
What one wants to prove is not an act of faith.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Here's the paper mache raccoon I made for my sculpture class...I later glued black/white and pinata styled fringe onto him for fur.  It was a failed attempt but oh well...It lives in my apartment now and has a broken leg.

Here's my mirror from childhood that I recently bedazzled with glitter paint in the Martha Stuart section at Home depot.  Heck yeah!

This is the bottom of my left food done on gray paper with black and white soft pastels.  Now I'm working on the same toes just zoomed in and with marker!

I made this cat out of felt and pillow stuffing for an assemblage project I did for sculpture...I don't think I'll put it in the student show since it's so fragile (the whole assemblage) so I'll pry him off of her hot glue seat and put him in my shadow box at home!  I just now thought to use that magazine rolled box! Fun!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Trumpet! This trumpet painting was painted for Evan who played trumpet with me in the Jazz band and the Concert band at TLU.  He's off in the real world now! Waaaaaaa!

Flower! I painted this for Granny Pat!  She likes to spell it G-R-A-N-N-I-E and sometimes if she's watching me write it I'll spell it that way. I couldn't seem to make it the purple in the photo she had, but I don't have the picture with me anywho BUT HOPEFULLY SHE LIKES IT.  It was just something little she wanted to fit in a frame she has in her dining room.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I took this with my phone so it's a little crooked.  I took it to hobby lobby to get a custom frame...boy they're expensive.  I have to go back today and take my chapel painting back since Kim T. apparently likes to stain her picture frames the same color as their wood trim in the house.  Then I can get it less than $75 since I can use that mat board that I cut for this one instead.  Brilliant.  Any who...It'll have a brown frame and the acrylic in-lay (like glass) with a green mat to match the picture.  When you get paper custom framed the bugs don't end up crawling inside.  Tell me if you're'll be on facebook :) I'm thinking 50 for the artwork plus however much the frame ends up being, but I'll let you haggle a little.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


These are my very own peanut butter peas in an apple pod.  I cut up my apple, slapped on some PB and added a few Reese's puffs to the mix.  They were pretty yummy and now it's my favorite way to eat an apple...even if it's not GP's kind of healthy snack.

Brandt and I made "Rootbeer."  I quote it because that's what it's supposed to be but honestly it just tastes like beer with an odor of rootbeer.  Brandt tries to argue that it still tastes like rootbeer but I've had my fill of rootbeer and I know that that's not it.

Here's our Mexican Pie that Brandt and I made using his Vegetarian cookbook.  It was beany and cheesy an all around delicious...but be prepared for the aftermath.  "Take Beano before and there'll BE NO gas." 

Hear ye, hear ye!  Doggy Bad Breath Treats for Ginger the Zook Dog! 

I finished my name!  They "ILY" is now joined to finish my name!  I couldn't find any more vibrant (haha, I totally spelt it v-i-b-r-a-n-d-t at first) papers to use to go with the "theme" that I didn't ever define.  Oh well.
Lastly, here's my heart mosaic that I did when visiting Rachel.  She made a circular one with Texas mosaic-ed into it.  It ain't half bad!  (I'm not sure what words are incorporated into "ain't" besides is and not.  But where does that silly A come from?)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hungry for an update?

These cakes were made based on this neat little cook book that tells you of all the things you can make using a box of cake mix.  They are called Banana Split Cakes.  They taste nothing like a banana split and more like banana bread.  I guess it's an easy enough recipe if that's what you would rather have.  I think I'll stick to sweeter things!  Plus, since I got 2 cupcake pans for Christmas I must get some use out of them before I have to go back to school.

My BFF gave me a "Big Ass Book of Crafts" and I've been dieing to make things.  Recently I have finished a set of bookends with a nautical theme due to me having a handful of shells from my past trips to the beach.  However, I didn't have enough to make them look as spectacular as they do now so I decided to buy a wicker basket full from Hobby Lobby.  Now I have more shells than I had in the beginning with few ideas as to what I can use them on.

I made this collage so that I could present the pressed bluebonnet that I picked from my yard.  Ah!  I know...don't pick the bluebonnets!  It's okay, it's private property!

This was my first official attempt at a self portrait.  It was one of our assignments for my Painting II class.  It looks like me sure, except I may have had red hair at some point in the semester, but never dark brown.  Maybe if I lightened it up some it would look even more like myself.

This is a painting of the chapel on the campus of TLU...I think I depicted the dead grass/dirt quite well.  Kim Thonhoff wants me to paint another one just for there is grass growing there, but I might change of the angle so the features of the chapel are actually appreciated.  This one was from Painting I.

This Painting I assignment was to duplicate a painting of our choice.  I picked Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring Click here to view the original.  This was the first person I had ever tried to seriously paint.

This is from High School...Granny Pat really likes it and is going to purchase from me.  I never thought it was of worth but BEHOLD! it apparently is! This is a mixed medium piece consisting of string, gesso, scrapbook paper, mod podge, and acrylic paint!

This is my brother!!! The second figure painting that was asked of us from our painting II class.  It was a challenge to make the people look alive...I tended to want to make the skin more gray than a lively pink.  Matt wont buy it from me because he thinks it's silly to have pictures of yourself in your own home therefore my room is it's own little gallery.  I tried to ask him if he thought his dogs appreciated having pictures of them around the house.  Haha!

An odd angle...but it's my trumpet painting with an Aborigine flair with abstract influence.  I did this in painting II as one of our free bee options.

Swiss Chard!!! I believe this was from painting I...oh, I have other paintings that I need to take pictures of around the house.  But anywho...I think this was an our choice kind of assignment.  Fun huh?

Finally, this is a shadow box that I covered in rolls of magazine strips to give it some life and purpose because it was collecting dust elsewhere.  Just recently I decided to tape the picture to the glass (it's a hassle to open the box just for a piece of paper) because I love making and eating cupcakes.  I don't do it often enough!  Haha!  My waist line is probably appreciative to that.
I like it! Start with cake, end with cake!