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Thursday, July 1, 2010


This is one of the paintings for camp...not sure if I'll do another painting or do a pen and ink...I do have a water color piece near finished.
This is potentially for Kim T.  She liked what I did for Rachel so I thought I'd vamp it up a bit.  Not vamp in relation to vampires...that the second thing that camp to mind after make it bigger and brighter.  I wish I could have gotten a flower one for Rachel now since I enjoy how it turned out so much.
Um...the above is what an easy bake oven can do.  Yup. not use the mixes the thing comes with and DO use the correct watt bulb or else it will take 10X longer to bake.  Thanks Breana for the awesome gift :P

Below is the picture of my Granny and the soft pastel on paper I did of her.  It was an actual sitting.  I'd never done that before.  She kept moving around but I guess it was okay.  It's my 4th portrait of someone so I think they're coming all quite nicely.

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