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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Brandt and I made these plates some time after Christmas.  I got spray paint as a gift and it's just what I needed to vamp up some clear plates purchased at Goodwill.  I was so pleased by their outcome that I purchased more plates and even a glass cutting board!

Heather gave me this piece of furniture for Christmas.  I asked for mainly craft supplies and also things to refurbish.  This piece originally had plain white knobs with exposed screws and it was all the color of the feet.  Brandt helped me sand down practically every inch of the thing while I rubbed it down with a red stain.  I got the new knobs from Hobby Lobby hoping that the color would go well and what goes better with a red stain than red striped knobs?  I have been contemplating painting red and white stripes on the feet!

This is a still life that I set up all by myself.  I must admit that my professor was there to help out a lot.  I shall post the painting some time because the colors are much different than what you see.  I went with an orange and green concept.

Here's the inventory I have (minus the "Ash" mugs) from the end of last semester.  I enjoy making pottery!  Good thing I'm in Ceramics III!

This is my bedroom in my apartment in Seguin.  It's still lacking in the wall areas, but I haven't figured out how to get the painted panels up to spice up the color.

Here's the living room with Brandt's and my MOM AND POP chairs.  The rug makes everything come together!

Our kitchen is quite colorful if you think about it.  A blue skillet, orange tea kettle, red oven mitts, green rugs, and off the the left is a violet pot holding a plant.  It's not really a pot...but I can't think of any other word to call it!  AND! Did you know that a great way to finish off a room is by adding pictures to the walls???  I tore out a bunch of silly pictures of models from my Vogue magazines and they added the perfect touch to making the apartment seem more homier!

I just started and finished this pillow case this evening.  I basically just referenced a pillow case my Grandma made for my little pillow, adjusted the size a bit and sewed away!  My friend Marta was over while I did it so it wasn't boring...but then she left before I was done and that's when I wanted it to be done already!  So funny :)  I bought a stack of fabric pieces from hobby lobby so I can make 4 more if my heart desires.  Every child needs a little pillow.  It's so practical...especially when you grow out of carrying stuffed animals onto air planes you can still get away with carrying a little pillow around with you!

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