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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


These are my very own peanut butter peas in an apple pod.  I cut up my apple, slapped on some PB and added a few Reese's puffs to the mix.  They were pretty yummy and now it's my favorite way to eat an apple...even if it's not GP's kind of healthy snack.

Brandt and I made "Rootbeer."  I quote it because that's what it's supposed to be but honestly it just tastes like beer with an odor of rootbeer.  Brandt tries to argue that it still tastes like rootbeer but I've had my fill of rootbeer and I know that that's not it.

Here's our Mexican Pie that Brandt and I made using his Vegetarian cookbook.  It was beany and cheesy an all around delicious...but be prepared for the aftermath.  "Take Beano before and there'll BE NO gas." 

Hear ye, hear ye!  Doggy Bad Breath Treats for Ginger the Zook Dog! 

I finished my name!  They "ILY" is now joined to finish my name!  I couldn't find any more vibrant (haha, I totally spelt it v-i-b-r-a-n-d-t at first) papers to use to go with the "theme" that I didn't ever define.  Oh well.
Lastly, here's my heart mosaic that I did when visiting Rachel.  She made a circular one with Texas mosaic-ed into it.  It ain't half bad!  (I'm not sure what words are incorporated into "ain't" besides is and not.  But where does that silly A come from?)

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