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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I took this with my phone so it's a little crooked.  I took it to hobby lobby to get a custom frame...boy they're expensive.  I have to go back today and take my chapel painting back since Kim T. apparently likes to stain her picture frames the same color as their wood trim in the house.  Then I can get it less than $75 since I can use that mat board that I cut for this one instead.  Brilliant.  Any who...It'll have a brown frame and the acrylic in-lay (like glass) with a green mat to match the picture.  When you get paper custom framed the bugs don't end up crawling inside.  Tell me if you're'll be on facebook :) I'm thinking 50 for the artwork plus however much the frame ends up being, but I'll let you haggle a little.

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